Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stratton Family

I met the Stratton family on a gorgeous spring day!!  It was warm and breezy and just a week past Presley's 1st birthday.  She loved her balloons and couldn't have been more precious the entire session!!!  Thank you Stratton family!!!

Reid Family

I happen to adore this sweet family!!  Piper reminds me SO much of my Ainsley...full of life!!  And sweet Paisley Mae has stolen my heart.  They are such blessed little girls to be raised by such Godly people.  Joe and Megan...I hope you love your sneak peek...your girls are amazing and gorgeous!! 

Shirley Newborn

Eeekks!!!  I LOVE these pictures!!  Hope couldn't have been more perfect and Harper is in love with her sweet baby sister.  We were almost finished with the session when we decided to go upstairs and check out Hope's room.  I am SO glad we did!  Thanks Shirley family!!!

Summy Newborn

I love, love, love this family!!  Amelia is Leighton's other best friend at church.  I adore her parents.  Annah Mary wanted to "re-create" Walt's newborn pictures and use the same suitcase his were taken in.  I think you'll agree that they came out amazing!!  It helps these sweet kiddos are so cute! ;) 

Cotten Sneak Peek

Oh my...this sweet family.  They were SO fun!  Their girls remind me so much of my girls...from sisters to friends.  They are gorgeous!!  I love their sweet brown eyes like their Momma!!  Thanks Cottens for a great morning!!

Beal Newborn

These pictures were taken on this little guy's first day home.  It was a little (or a lot) hectic and I think overwhelming for mom...but they came out gorgeous!  How could they not?  Look at this family!!!  Thank you, Beal family!!  Lots of love!

The Millers

Michele is my boss at work but I would call her my friend first.  I'm blessed to have her in my life and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today in my career without her influence.  Thank you Michele!!!