Friday, September 7, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  This sweet girl is rocking her first grade year!  And, what's better, she loves it!  She can't wait to read every night.  She comes home asking us math problems.  And she wants to get online to login to spelling city so she can practice her words for the week.

2.  Oh my heart!  This crazy little one continues to add excitement to the mundane.  She can't sit still.  She never stops talking.  Whether she's excited or disappointed, her emotions are always over the top.  This week, she managed to spill her breakfast plate two mornings, her dinner plate three times, and her milk once.  See, even dinner isn't dull with her around!  I'm usually cleaning up the spills instead of eating...but you know what the old adage says...there's no use crying over spilled milk. 

3.  We celebrated Aaron's 35th birthday.  There were hats, and gifts, and chocolate cake, and yes...spilled plates (twice in one dinner that night)! :)  Fun was had by all.

4.  We enjoyed a long weekend away at the lake for labor day.  It was wonderful.  I read two books.  The girls and Aaron swam, fished, and we all tubed.  And then there was the cart wheel competition.  It was lots of fun too! ;)

5.  This was our song of the weekend.  I think the girls like it.  They even managed to entertain everyone at the grocery store singing it!  I have to admit, it does have a catchy tune!