Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby no more

I think (okay, I know) I've babied Ainsley far longer than I would have ever for Leighton. Those with more than one child, did you find you allowed your second (or third) to be a baby longer than you did your first? Without a doubt that is how it worked for me. With Leighton, I couldn't wait until she slept through the night, until she crawled, until she ate real food, until she started talking, etc., etc. With Ainsley, I've cherished every single moment, knowing it passes all too fast.

When Leighton was 3 months old I was worried we'd swaddle her forever so we started weaning her. When Leighton was a year old, I banished the paci except for bed. When Leighton could barely talk, I expected her to use her words all the time to request. When Leighton was just 3 years old, she was forced to grow up into the big sister role and become more independent than little 3 year olds naturally are.

Now Ainsley...she's a whole different story. Swaddling...I would have done it forever but she stopped needing it around 4 months old. The paci, well, it was banished to the crib when she was about 2 years old (possibly even later than that) and we still have ONE left waiting to get "lost." Ainsley whines and I pick my sweet baby up as fast as I can. She is two and a half and still in her crib. I can't help it. What if she's my last? I must keep her baby like qualities as long as I can!

However, with Aaron's prodding, I've realized I need to start "letting go." In realizing I need to let go, I've also realized that she's ready. She's been ready. So, I've been preparing her that once this last pat-pat (pacifier) is gone that she is going to be a big girl like her sissy and not have any more. I almost always follow my conversation by asking if she is ready to be a big girl and she consistently responds, "not yet." She's obviously been listening, though. Yesterday she asked to sleep in her "big girl bed" for nap. I hesitantly agreed and then watched her petite little body climb up her stairs to the big twin bed in her room, and lay down. She then puckered her sweet lips, gave me a kiss, and then handed over her paci and said, "put it in my crib bed." Wow! What a big girl she is.

So, here's my doll...growing up entirely too fast...and certainly not a baby anymore. *Tears*

Thursday, November 24, 2011


My heart is full with all I have been blessed with. And these are on the top of the list!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Leighton is getting so close to her back handspring. I'm really proud of her! I also found out recently that her coaches at school have her "show off" her mad skills during gym class. Love it! As promised, is her most recent video! :)

2. Ainsley is certainly still my little spit fire. She got upset with Leighton on the way home this week, looked at Leighton and stated emphatically, "Sissy...I'm gonna poop on you when we get home." Seriously...what 2 year old knows to say that?! Oye! She has no fear...and is willing to try anything!

3. I'm in the Christmas mood already. I'm finished shopping for the girls' gifts, have my Christmas cards ordered and in envelopes (I may or may not have accidentally ordered DOUBLE the amount I needed. In any event...count on a card from us this year!), and I have a Christmas photo I'm dying to try next week when I have a few days off!

4. Leighton won third place in a coloring contest for kindergarten, first, and second graders. They were in the middle of announcing the winners on the school intercom as I was packing up for the day. I honestly wasn't paying any attention but was so excited when I heard my baby's name! :) So proud of all she's learning this year!

5. I'm feeling so incredibly blessed this holiday season. I went in for my 6 month scan and had a biopsy, which came back CLEAR! My family, my health, my home, my job...I could go on and on but you get the drift. My cup overfloweth!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forever Friends

Can you imagine finding your best friend when you were just a toddler? Well, without a doubt, that is exactly when Leighton found her forever friend. Leighton was 16 months old when we were introduced to our babysitter. Lauryn was another toddler at the sitter. It wasn't long before Leighton came home talking about Lauryn EVERY.SINGLE.DAY...and that hasn't changed. There isn't a day that goes by in the Keegan household that we don't hear about Lauryn and talk about what Lauryn and Leighton are going to do...or laugh about what they have gotten themselves into...ahem...I mean what they've done in the past.

I have to say, I couldn't have hand picked a better best friend for Leighton. Lauryn and her family are beyond generous, kind, beautiful, and such wonderful friends. It was such a pleasure to take pictures for these sweet kids. Thank you Saquic family! You are the BEST!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hawkins Family

Loving, funny, full of life, patient, and spirit filled - Check, check, check, check, and check! This family has those qualities and SO many more. I have enjoyed getting to know each of these sweet kiddos (and their mommy and daddy, too). Each little "E" has so much to offer. Each little "E" is so different...yet so perfect.

It really is amazing to see how God works in people's lives. He certainly knew what He was doing when He brought this family into my life. Thank you Hawkins' family...for everything!!

Oh...and can you say GORGEOUS?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Banks Family

Look at this gorgeous family I had the pleasure of spending some time with on Saturday morning.

I think Katie would agree with me when I say raising girls has brought more joy to my life than anything...

Oh sweet Aubrey, you certainly stole my heart. You are the perfect big sister...loving, always willing to help, and a natural born leader. You remind me of my precious!

Funny, strong-willed, independent, out-going. Perfection...that's what you are, Sloane!! I could have described my Ainsley in the same words above. You are a breath of fresh air!

This little bundle of joy didn't fuss once...she giggled and laughed at her big sisters...and charmed me with her baby blue eyes...what a blessing you are, Edie!

Many more to come Banks family...much love!!!