Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday...minus the 5.

I feel like this blog has become a "Five on Friday" only thing. But, hey, at least I'm updating! So, today I'm not going to do my normal thing because I don't have time to even think about 5 things.

This week has been a good one...but so busy. Busy is good sometimes, I suppose. Aaron and I are excited about getting out tonight and celebrating with some very special people...and just taking in the night.

I find it fitting to put this picture up today. Many have already seen it but today, August 26th, would be my Papaw's 100th birthday. I remember holding his hand many times as his over 6 ft body towered over me. He was so loving...always willing to sit and read me a book. This is a picture of Ainsley holding my own daddy's hand. Leighton and Ainsley adore their Pop do I! It is such a blessing to watch my children love my own father as I do.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Five on Friday

1. It's been a week. I would have to say the hardest week of my entire year is the week I make my schedule. I have to schedule 60+ children from 5 different schedules making sure not to take them from specific times throughout their day. Inevitably, lots of changes have to be made. My feelings get hurt that my job isn't valued as highly as others. I have put my pride aside, I have a schedule I will follow, and I pray that I can do my job to the best of my ability to remediate any speech and language delays of the children in my therapy room. And this little face coming to and from school with me each day will be a big help! :)

2. Leighton has been waiting since the day Ainsley was born to sleep in the same room. This week, we allowed Leighton to sleep in the big girl bed in Ainsley's room since Ainsley is still in her crib. They did great...until 5am when we heard them talking to each other. I giggled just listening to them. When they got up, the first thing Ainsley said was, "I cry Mommy. Sissy say night time." And, Leighton confirmed that was exactly what she told her sister at 5 in the morning! Here they are having a little cuddle time before it was actually bedtime.

3. I keep reminding myself this is why I work...only 65 days until we are back at the happiest place on Earth!

4. Ainsley wants to do everything Leighton does. It truly is precious. And, although she isn't in gymnastics (yet), she wears her leo every time we go. Can't you tell how proud she is?! :)

5. The girls play together better and better each day. Here they are playing "house." I'm not sure how they thought this was comfortable for one second! But, they were happy, so that's what counts!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And so it begins...

Leighton's school days are here. It was exciting but also nerve wracking all in one, for me. For Leighton, it was pure excitement. She woke up without a fuss, talked non-stop the entire time she got dressed, and couldn't stop smiling as we drove to school. She was a natural. Me, not so much. Tears kept welling up in my eyes. And she just giggled that I was crying over her going to kindergarten. "Momma, don't cry. This is exciting," she said to me.

Once she was in her room, supplies put away, and sitting at her table, with kisses galore (yep, I was *that* mom), I walked away with an array of feelings. Feelings of happiness that my daughter was going to make new friends, feelings of sadness that my "baby" has entered her school years and she isn't my "baby" so much anymore, feelings of accomplishment that my first born has made it to this milestone. What a day!

She came almost skipping down the hall to meet me this afternoon. She was beaming. "It was SO much fun," she exclaimed! My heart was full knowing she loved her first day of school. It's one I will certainly never forget.

And this is how our ride home ended...yep, utterly exhausted!