Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm a thespian at heart. I love acting, and am a bit of a drama queen, which I know you couldn't have guessed! ;) I love musicals, singing, dancing...I love it all. In high school and college, I loved getting into character. It allowed me to be someone else for a moment. To go somewhere I'd never been, or maybe never experience in my lifetime.

I have many memories of late nights with cast and crews at JHS. Keith Bouchard ripping his pants at the crotch during dress rehearsal, paint ball guns that were shot on school property and shouldn't have been, a mystery dinner, etc. And state competitions. Oh, how I loved states!

The picture below is the cast of "Balcony Scene" the winning cast at States my senior year of High School! :) What fun and what memories from this group of amazing people!

My love for all things "drama" has continued through my adulthood and yesterday I got to share my love of the theater with Leighton. We went to the Orpheum theater in Memphis and saw a production of Beauty and the Beast. A combination of theater and a classic Disney fairytale...I don't think it could have been more perfect. The best part was about half way through the show. My sweet little Leighty turned around, put my face in her hands, and whispered (loudly), "I LOVE THIS!!" Perfection!!! Thank you for sharing such a special day with me, Leighty-bug!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Another perfect week of summer has come to and end. We have enjoyed lunch with my mom several times, have gone to the mall to avoid the heat, have gone swimming, and we celebrated my birthday as well as my mom's birthday. The girls have enjoyed laying around, playing babies, and Ainsley had her first experience of getting her toe-nails painted at the "finger polish place" (as Leighton so fondly calls it). It has been a perfect week!!

2. Ainsley has really gotten brave in the pool.

3. A little game everyone loves to play in the pool!

4. Check out this precious little guy I got the privilege of taking some picture of! Is he not perfect!?

5. My mom and I have decided to take the girls back to Disney for a girls only trip. We are all SO excited! We are headed back mid October. Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's all about me...or is it?

Today is my 31st birthday. Growing up, I remember being so excited for my birthday. It wasn't just my birth "day" we celebrated. We celebrated my birth "week" and sometimes my birth "month" because we had three family birthdays in June. It was always all about ME. I loved every second of it.

As I've grown older, and more mature...ha! Who am I kidding? Let me rephrase, as my children have entered my life, I've realized they are my happiness. And it isn't really about me at all. Today, as I reflect on the day, it was perfection....because of:

This guy...who made me breakfast in bed, and took off the afternoon so I could enjoy drinks with some dear friends.

This sweet 5 year old who didn't skip a beat when she told Aaron what I would want for my birthday. (She knew I'd love something for my camera. And after much thought, Aaron decided he didn't know what lens I needed/wanted so a digital frame to show off my pictures was perfect. I tend to agree!).

This precious 2 year old who came into my room before anyone else singing her little heart out (here's the practice round)!

And these literally hundreds of people who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday! It was SO much fun to see these throughout the day. Thank you ALL for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday, but also for investing in me and being my friend! I am who I am today because of all of you!

Today, as the girls and I had a dance party in the middle of the living room, I realized my heart is full and it no longer needs to be my birthday, birth week, or birth month to celebrate. I celebrate what I have daily. And I am blessed 365 days of the year because of the friends and family who surround me and love me. Love to all!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Leighton is keeping me laughing these days. Here's a conversation we had in the car on the way to the pool this week:

Leighton: Momma, I'm not going to call Daddy 'dad' anymore.
Me: Why?
Leighton: Cause he freaks out when I do.
Me: What does he do?
Leighton: He says, "What did you just call me?"
Me: Yeah.
Leighton: Even when I'm 7 or 8, I'm still gonna call him daddy.
Me: Okay
Leighton: And when I'm your age, I'm gonna call him honey!

2. And here's what Leighton's been doing in the pool. She is really rocking her swimming these days!

3. Ainsley has no fear...none. She jumps off the diving board and off the side of the pool, and tries to put her face in the water because that's what Leighton does. Here's a cute little video of her blowing bubbles in the pool.

4. So far, this summer could be summed up as...perfect (well, minus the fact that both of the girls have had strep...ugh)! I think we've spent every day at the pool or at the lake and we have all enjoyed nice naps every afternoon. I could do this every day of the rest of our summer! :)

5. Ainsley has also become quite the little singer these days. It really is pretty sweet to hear her voice sing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Whew! What a week. It has been an amazing one with the Fields' girls all together. They have enjoyed matching bathing suits, tubing, playing in the playroom, getting their hair done, and swimming together to name a few!

2. June 1st...what a special day! Ainsley's birthday, Josh's birthday, and Jim and Becky's anniversary. We were all together to celebrate the three occasions this year and as I sat in the boat watching my girls tube with Josh, I couldn't help but take in the moment. I was surrounded by all of the people that mean the very most to me...on such a special day. The day can be summed up in one word...perfection!

3. Leighton had her first sleepover. 7 months separates Elliot and Leighton...and they are precious together!!! Ainsley was so excited Elliot was here when she woke up!

4. My parents' house will be active for the next three years. With 4 dogs to keep my mom company while my dad travels, she won't ever be lonely!

5. This week has been very bitter sweet for me. I have loved watching the girls together but I can't help but feel sad that they won't see one another again for 3 years. I wish my brother and his family very safe travels, and lots of fun adventures as they get to travel this world for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I love you guys!!!!

Two years

My sweet, sweet Ainsley Paige. It is hard to fathom that you have been in my life for two years already. It seems like yesterday you were just born, yet it seems like you have been a part of me forever.

At two years old, you have one of the biggest personalities I have ever seen. You bring laughter to everyone you are around. You are independent, and you are strong-willed. One of my biggest fears is that in the years to come, as peers correct you (read: are cruel), your personality will change. I fear that little by little, your bigger-than-life personality will be squashed and you won't be the carefree person you are today. I pray, that I am not the person who changes you but the person who protects you, encourages you to be yourself, and with gentle reminders, I can mold you to be kind, loving, honest, good, faithful, and happy, but not change who you are...because you are perfect!

At this moment, you are very matter-of-fact (most answers are "yep" or "nope"), you love to sing, you love to dance, you love animals, and you adore your sister. You love to be in the water and you aren't afraid of anything! You have already jumped off the diving board at the pool, the dock at the lake, and gone tubing this summer. You love all things babies!! You have started calling me "mom-mom" and it is probably the most precious thing I've ever been called.

Baby girl, you have brought more joy to my life in two short years than I could have ever imagined. Here's to many, many more!!! Happy birthday! I love you!