Friday, October 26, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Aaron has been working at The Haunt all month and his hours will only get longer this weekend and next week.  I have to admit, I love hearing his stories when he comes home.  If you are in Memphis...please go!  It's a lot of fun...and if you don't do blood, guts, and gore, just go to the 3-D side.  I promise, the clowns aren't THAT scary! ;)

Ed takes a tour through Hauntedweb B

2.  Tomorrow is a big night at our house.  Notre Dame plays Oklahoma.  For the first time in our married life, our teams are playing one another.  We're not sure if we should dress one child in Notre Dame and the other in Oklahoma, or their tops one team and their bottoms the other team.  Just kidding!  We are not going to pit our children against one another!  The trash talking started last Sunday...and continues!  We'll see who comes out on top!  BOOMER!!!

3.  The girls and I went to watch Aaron coach his high school soccer team this week.  It was a gorgeous night.  Perfect lighting for me to take the girls' pictures.  We then situated ourselves on the bleachers next to an older, larger woman.  It wasn't long before Ainsley pointed directly at her and said, "Mommy, you see dat girl?  She have a baby in her belly."  Leighton was mortified.  I was too.  I took the chicken way out and grabbed my phone to pretend I was playing on it and ignored the whole situation.  Leighton grabbed Ainsley's arm and whispered (loudly), "Ainsley, that's a grandma.  She doesn't have a baby in her belly."  Technically, I don't think she was a grandma, but Leighton was correct.  There was no baby in her belly!  I'm still holding out a little hope maybe the woman didn't understand Ainsley.  Think I've got a shot? ;)

4.  My Dad went to Russia recently and brought back some might fine treasures.  In all seriousness, if I lived in Maine, I would probably wear this.  But, in Memphis?  I'm sure my teacher friends (who pray for snow all winter long) will no longer pray for snow because they will know I'll show up in my new hat.

5.  Don't forget to vote! :)  This is how we occupied our time in line waiting to vote. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk a day in someone's shoes?  Well, here's your chance to walk just a moment in the life of Ainsley.  I've been keeping tally marks this week of how many times she has made me laugh hysterically.  There are quite a few so I decided I'd share the laughs.

I guess I'll start with Saturday when she ran upstairs at my parents house yelling "Boomer, you're a horn dog."  I was a little shocked.  My mom asked her if she said "corn dog."  Nope, she really said horn dog.  Boomer had been "doing his thing" and my dad informed Ainsley he was being a "horn dog" and she ran with it!  And I'm guessing she'll never forget the phrase either... (insert sarcasm here) ----> Thanks Dad!

Ainlsey KNOWS she's not supposed to say "Oh My God."  She can say goodness or gosh but NOT God.  So...she very seriously looked at my mom and said, "Mem, say Oh My God and see what happens."  She was literally daring her to say it.  Really, at 3?  What possesses her??  Thankfully my mom responded that she didn't want to say it because she'd get in trouble.  Ainsley gave up at that point...she was busted.  No use in going any further with her plan!

We decided to head to the zoo this week.  We met up with one of Leighton's best friends.  The girls were having a great time...until they started spinning and Ainsley ended up falling and getting hurt.  I did the mom thing and kissed her boo-boos.  She seemed fine and sat in her stroller while Leighton and her friend skipped off holding hands.  Ainsley was still very mad from the fall and leaned up from her stroller and screamed, "Blow it up your nose with a rubber hose."  Oye!!!

Oh, and then there was the ride home.  She was talking from the backseat..."Mommy, I need (insert something you can't understand here).  I asked her to repeat herself.  "I said I need (insert this something that you can't understand again)."  I say, I know you need something but I can't understand what it is.  To which she replies, "I said...guh, guh, guh, guh, gum. Did you hear me now?"  Again...she's THREE!!!

Let's see...there was the song that came on the radio too.  Every song we hear she claims is her "favorite."  So when she said it to this one, I wasn't surprised.  But, when she actually started singing, "Bringing Sexy Back" I was a little caught off guard. 

 There was the little "episode" at dance where she wouldn't hold a little girls hand, too.  But she informed me on the ride home it wasn't her fault at all.  It was the little girl who got an "attitude" with Ainsley.  Riiiight!!! 

This little cutie is going to keep me young forever! :)  Just don't let her sweet looks fool you! Ha! Love you baby girl!  If it weren't for you, the Keegan household would be very, very boring!