Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review

2010 was nothing short of wonderful. I got to see my precious Leighton grow from a "toddler" to a little "girl" and I watched my sweet Ainsley turn from a "baby" into a "toddler" before my eyes. My babies are growing so fast. It really makes my heart skip a beat to see them grow and to discover their own personalities. I love to see how perfectly they fit in our family. I can't fathom how God created both of them so perfectly, so differently, yet I love them both so passionately.

I thought about making this post about know...

4 - My big girl's age
1 - My baby's first birthday
8 - How many years Aaron and I have been married

Alas, I decided a year in pictures would be more sentimental! I have loved going back through the pictures of 2010. There have been so many "firsts" to document. Starting with January...


Ainsley's first snow fall.

Leighton's first pair of earrings!!! What a big girl she was. We had talked about getting her ears pierced several times but when I told her it would hurt and she would hear a loud noise she always opted out. I picked her up from the sitter one day and she told me she was ready. She wanted her ears pierced and that very day. She shed a few tears but nothing a lollipop didn't stop!


This month was filled with more snow (and ice) which allowed lots of cuddle time with mom and dad.

Oh, and playing in the snow!! :)


Ainsley started pulling up...

On everything! Uh oh, we would soon be in trouble.

And my precious Leighton Caroline turned 4!!!! What a big girl. It is hard to believe she is already 4. Where has the time gone?!

She had her party at Pump-It-Up and loved every second of it!


Ainsley had her first Easter.

And her first black eye.

And her first experience in a sprinkler.


On Mother's Day Ainsley started walking. It was the best present I could have ever asked for!

Ainsley got to swim in the lake for the first time.

Leighton got to fish for the first time. It wasn't her cup of tea. It was too slow and she had to be quiet...something she isn't the best at, but hey, she comes by that naturally!

Leighton got to go tubing for the first time and she loved the thrill.


My sweet Ainsley Paige celebrated her FIRST birthday. Boy did she love her cake! She still loves sweets (that's my girl)!!

Aaron and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I love him more today than ever. We have been in the valley and are enjoying some time on the mountain top. :)

Leighton had her first dance recital. She was beautiful. She loved every second of being on the stage.


Leighton was able to go to her first VBS. She loved going.

We had lots of family time with me not working.

Leighton got to go to her second Redbirds game with Aaron.

And she took her first swimming lessons. She rocked the pool! She can swim now!!!


School started back and we were all tired! We loved dressing up as cowgirls for "round-up" Sunday.


Ainsley learned to make the hippo face.

And "cheese" it up!

We watched lots of Sooner football!!

Went to Disney on Ice...

And Leighton played soccer for the first time!

It wasn't her favorite sport but she loved being with her friends.


Ainsley perfected "the look."

The girls were able to trick-or-treat as a duo for the first time...Silver Mist and her trusty side kick Tinkerbell.

The girls and I spent lots of time together as Daddy worked at the "Haunt" for work.


My sweet little turkey's couldn't wait for Thanksgiving!

And mommy couldn't wait to take lots of pictures with my new camera.

Aaron was so very thankful to have "his" family at Thanksgiving. It had been 6 years since he had been able to share Thanksgiving with any of his family.

Ainsley wanted to be like mommy and snap pictures, too.

Pop Pop enjoyed cuddling with his girls...

And Mem too.


Leighton couldn't wait for Christmas but she was so patient and such a good girl.

This little devil however had her moments where she wasn't so good! ;)

May 2011 be more than we could ever dream...wishing you all the best!!

Jesus' birthday!

What a wonderful Christmas we had despite illness! Leighton went to the dr. 5 days before Christmas and for the first time in 2 years needed antibiotics to clear up an infection. She was not herself. It wasn't long after that Ainsley started hacking...constantly. She woke up on Christmas and was just pitiful. She ended up at the dr. with wheezing and needed a breathing treatment and antibiotics for a double ear infection. My poor baby! We even got an inhaler to boot. Not the end result I wanted but if it keeps her breathing effortlessly, we'll take it. So...after two dr.'s visits, a 10 day antibiotic, a 5 day antibiotic, one nebulizer, and one inhaler later...I am ready to talk about Christmas!

We had a special Christmas Eve service...Ainsley's first. I snagged a picture of what all children do in "big church"...color on the offering envelope.

I think we talked about Christmas for months. Leighton started receiving American Girl catalogues in the mail in September and she decided that she wanted a doll that looked just like her...brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, and earrings...and since this doll would look like her she informed us she should be named like her too so her name would be "Caroline." On Christmas Eve, Leighton opened Caroline and my little 4 year old jumped, and screamed, and squealed with delight. Mem and Pop knew just what she wanted...Caroline was finally "home!"

Ainsley needed a baby too since big sister was getting one. And what luck...Ainsley's very most favorite thing to do is feed, rock, and love on a baby! Here is baby "Katie."

Still so excited about Caroline she hit Ainsley in the evidenced by Ainsley's expression and "owwww"! :)

All Caroline needed was a bed and Santa had that area covered!! Here comes Leighton on Christmas morning...

And here is Caroline's bed with a canopy draped around it to show Leighton that her bed would also be special. She got beads for her door to match Caroline's bed too!

Ainsley needed nothing but got a wagon that we can't wait to pull around the zoo. She also got lots of the two things she loves and animals! She was one happy girl!

Here's the crew Christmas morning.

The ultimate gift was...the PILLOW PET! They have both loved them!

Leighton had no idea her Mem and Pop were getting her a Vera Bradley purse and so she was thrilled when she opened it. Can you tell?!?

Leighton is all about "frill" so I had a catch a quick picture!

Ainsley got a Vera purse too but I think she ultimately loved the .99 cent chap stick.

After our morning we headed to Mom and Dad's house for a fireman's breakfast. My dad has done this for years. It is his present to all of us. It was delicious! Thanks Dad!! And after nap we then went to Jim and Becky's house for Christmas dinner. What a treat that was. Thanks for having us!!

We are so blessed to have family so near and be able to share it with them. Thanks for all who shared in our Christmas day and made it special for my girls! Merry Christmas!