Monday, October 31, 2011

Ariel and Jasmine

Those were the princesses of choice this year. It was fitting since we had just returned from an amazing trip to Disney. Leighton couldn't wait to go trick-or-treating. Ainsley didn't really know what she was in for but was excited because Leighton was. Aaron was able to take a little time away from The Haunt and join us for some fun...and for that I am SO grateful!!

I think they were the cutest little princesses around! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A girls trip

Disney World October 2011 was "a girls trip." And this girls trip couldn't have been any more perfect (except for ONE little night of rain...which we made the best of anyway). On the way to Target one Saturday morning (our weekly habit with Mem) the girls, Mom, and I discussed how we couldn't wait to go back to Disney. Our conversation continued over dinner with the guys and Aaron stated his work schedule was too hectic in October to go anywhere. Dad informed us he had no interest in going twice in one year and that is when the girls trip was scheduled. :) No boys to whine about having to go in a store to one to tell us we were on a time schedule. It was just the girls to do what WE wanted to do. And we did just that. Perfection!!!

Thunder Mountain with the Bailey family. We were SO glad to meet up with the Bailey family throughout the week! Thanks for sharing the fun and memories with us!

The ONE night it rained was our night at the Halloween party. We made the best of it, though. We waited in the rain for about an hour to meet the 7 dwarfs...Ainsley's all time favorite is Snow White...and she hugged every one of the dwarfs!!

One of my favorite pics...on the teacups! I told Ainsley to "squeeze" in because I wanted a picture of the three girls. Avery put her arm around Leighton and Ainsley as I told them to "squeeze" and Ainsley took me quite literally. She literally squeezed the heck out of poor Avery's arm!

The look on Ainsley's face throughout the week!

Another from the Halloween party. We were SO glad we got to meet up with the Summy family! Leighton LOVED spending the evening with Amelia...even if during the parade Amelia had the scare of her life! Thanks for making memories with us!

Fun at the Crystal Palace!

Meeting favorite princess!

And lunch with June...

Before the rain came in for the Halloween party.

On the teacups again. We love this ride!

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's


Cinderella walked around the restaurant twice holding Ainsley's hand. She was in heaven. By the time we left she knew Ainsley's name, which is no surprise...she's hard to forget! ;) Afterward, Ainsley would burst into tears she was so sad it was over.

Sleeping Beauty! of our favorites!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Long time no post

Sometimes there is something to be said about not hearing a word. You know the old saying, I guess no news is good news...well, in this case, that is exactly it! The Keegan crew has been doing great.

1. Leighton is loving cheer/tumble. She is working on her back hand spring and I thought I had video of it but apparently I don't so this will have to do!

2. We leave for Disney in 2 days! We are so excited. This girls trip is going to be wonderful! Our first day there isn't a "park" day so we're going to hit downtown where the girls have appointments to get their hair done at the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique. Then we are going to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, which cannot be a more perfect fit for my animal loving 2-year-old. The rest of the week is filled with lots of food, characters, and rides!

3. Speaking of Ainsley, she has the most perfect little pink Minnie Mouse costume for our Not-So-Scary-Halloween-Party and she informed me last night, "I not wanna be Minnie Mouse." Um, really?? She went on to say she wanted to be, "A whole new world." "I wanna pie in da kie" (fly in the sky). Great, now I get to go buy a new costume the day before we leave! And every time I ask her she insists she must be Jasmine...check it out!

4. Aaron has been working crazy hours at the Haunt. For those in Memphis, please check it out! All proceeds go Youth amazing cause. I'm so proud of Aaron and his passion for non-profit.

5. Today at school we had the annual "Ram Run." The Ram Run is a fund raiser for the school. The kids get pledges on how many laps they can run and then each grade level has 30 minutes to run as many laps as they can. Here are a couple of pictures of us at the Ram Run. Love my sweetie and all of these cute kindergarten girls!!!