Monday, March 28, 2011

5 years

5 years ago today at 4:41pm I became a mom for the first time. I felt feelings of love I've never experienced before. It was love at first sight. I suddenly realized I would lay down my life for this little being. This little baby was a part of me and I would love and protect her to a fault. I've loved her from the second she was born because she was mine. But as she's grown, my love for her has grown. I no longer only love her because she's mine but because of who she is.

Leighton is an amazing little girl. She is independent. She wants to do things on her own and doesn't struggle at much. However, she is so gracious when she does accept help from others. I love that about her.

Leighton wants to please. She wants to do the right thing. She is a rule-follower. And finds it horrible when I tell her about children who purposefully choose to do the wrong thing. I love that she can't fathom how anyone would choose to do something they know is not appropriate.

Leighton is clumsy. She always has been. But, she is a great gymnast.

Leighton loves to sleep. She loves to cuddle even more.

She loves being a big sister and she is an amazing one.

She loves anything princesses at this point in her life. She adores Ariel.

Leighton counts her days according to where she'll be. Monday/Wednesday/Friday are "Rita Days" because she goes to the sitter, Tuesday/Thursday are "school days", Saturday is a "stay home day" with "Mem, Mommy, and Ainsley", and Sunday is "church day." It just makes sense to her. And each week she can't wait for "stay home days."

She loves to play jokes on people. She loves to hide and scare you.

Leighton loves to be outside. She loves flowers but doesn't want to get dirty to plant them. She is a city girl who loves to shop! :)

Leighton Caroline,

You are a blessing. You bring joy to my life each and every day. I am honored to call you daughter. I can't wait to see you grow and see what you will do with your life but I know you have big things in store. You make me want to be a better person, wife, and mother. Thank you for being you.

I love you!

Leighton 6 days old

Leighton 5 years old

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Truly Magical!

Our Disney trip was one of the most magical things I've witnessed. As a mom, I couldn't be happier. Both of my sweet girls were awed by the happiest place on Earth.

I know Ainsley won't remember this trip, but while we were there, her eyes have never been brighter. She couldn't wait for the bus to come get us. As we waited at each stop she would yell over and over, "Ainsley's ready," which came out as "Ai-dey rea-ye." She blew kisses to characters as long as they stood at a distance. And she said "hi everybody" (hi e-ye-bo-ye) walking through every park. She wasn't a fan if the characters came too close but then she wanted them back as soon as they were gone.

For Leighton, this was her second trip but first one that she understood, that she could ride all of the rides, and boy did her face light up at every new opportunity. Every character she met she was ecstatic. Every princess she talked to she loved. Every ride she rode became real. She loved talking to the princesses. Ariel is her all-time favorite and did the best job playing the part. Their conversation went a little like this:

Ariel: "I see it's your birthday (Leighton had on a birthday shirt)."
Leighton: I'm going to be 5.
Ariel: "You are a perfect starfish!" (Leighton smiling the biggest smile)
Leighton: I love your hair. It is so pretty."
Ariel: Thank you! I comb it every day with my dingle hopper. (Leighton giggling)
Leighton; "Where is prince Eric?"
Ariel: "He is taking Max the dog for a walk but I will tell him you said hello. (Leighton is awe-struck)

Leighton loved the roller coasters...thunder mountain and splash mountain were her favorites. Soarin' was also a big hit. We rode it twice and she remembered every detail the second time. This trip was my parents first trip and they are already asking when we will go again. We love Disney! Until next time (warning....there is total picture overload coming!)...

On the plane....

Our first Animal Kingdom

The Safari Ride

Lion King show

My sweeties

Being silly with Goofy

Chef Mickey

My little Leighton who still loves to wear her ears

Leighton loved all of the characters!

Posing with Goofy

The castle

Watching Mickey in 3-D

Ainsley got to dance with this cast member during the "Move It" "Shake It" "Celebrate It" parade!

I love this shot of Ainsley...she loved throwing kisses to the characters...from afar!!!! :)

On the boat to Magic Kingdom

My sweet Ainsley

With Mem and Pop Pop before the Ariel show

Yum...this girl loves to eat!

Waiting for Fantasmic


50's Prime Time with Mem

A little green beer for my Irish hubby on St. Patty's Day

50's Prime Time...

Bippidy Boppidy Boutique!

Should we leave it like this?!

Make-up time

The final perfect birthday princess

Both of the girls LOVED swimming with Pop Pop at the hotel

Yay! That was fun...let's jump again!

The slide was Leighton's favorite thing

Pop showing Ainsley where Leighton was going to come down the slide.

Such fun!

Always time for a snack!

Bubble fun while everyone else road Soarin'

Playing around...


Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

Ainsley LOVED the princesses (up close) and couldn't get enough of Belle. She ran up to her over and over again to give her hugs. She was so sweet and let her every time.

Our picture before enjoying breakfast with the princesses.

The birthday girl with Belle

Walking with Pop

Looking at the castle and waiting to meet Pooh and the gang




Piglet was awesome and gradually snuck close to Ainsley for a photo op!


Walking to Thunder Mountain for another ride!

Anastasia...Leighton was petrified to meet the step-sisters...but they were awesome! This is Pop Pop dancing away!

Drizella and Ainsley

Leighton just mesmerized by the this shot!


Drizella who was so concerned Leighton didn't have a birthday cupcake she hunted down our waitress in the kitchen and got her one!!!! :)

Leighton and Cinderella!!!

Ainsley giving some love

Prince Charming...

Leighton's cupcake from Drizella

But look who ate it...big surprise there! Ha!

And how she looked afterward!